School Counseling and Guidance at Hanrahan and Woodland includes: classroom guidance lessons, small group work, and individual counseling. Guidance curriculum is taught by the school counselors, classroom teachers, and also in coordination with outside agencies such as: NCADA, Junior Achievement, C.A.P.P.S., Learning for Life, and the G.R.E.A.T. Program. Small group work at our schools takes the form of Conflict Mediation, group meetings, and small groups of students with a specific need to be addressed.  Individual counseling is offered for Crisis situations, specific individual situations, and as needs arise. For on-going or long-term needs - resources and referrals are available from the counselor.

The school counselors also works closely with Special School District staff and classroom teachers to help access and ensure that students with special needs are getting their needs addressed.  The school counselors set up and chair the STUDENT INTERVENTION TEAM or SIT process (formally called the TAT process). Referrals to the SIT team can be made by either a staff member or a parent. The counselors assists staff members, parents and students work through the process of referral to Special School District as needed.

The school counselors coordinates district wide, building level testing at Hanrahan. District wide, building testing that your child will be taking includes:  Acuity , and the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP testing).

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